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Wish List


You should have seen the place last year...

So much has been done: fresh paint, tree trimming, stump removed in the back parking lot (thank you Jared), repairs to the porch roof, outside light, concession stand cleaned and repaired (Thank you Golias Brothers), truckloads of garbage

Thank you to all who have taken the lead in making things beautiful: Eric and Gwen Frisk, The Golias Brothers: Jim and Steve, Jared Keil, George Clark, Paul and Diane Lytwyn Cindy Wakeman-D'Andrea and Beth Bradley

  • Clean, Clean, Clean: Many hands make light work. There is more to do and we could use your help.
  • Coordinate with Steve (203) 367-4373

  • Kitchen update: Health codes have changed in the last 100 years (go figure..)Painting, floor, counter tops. By the way the amazing old gas stove works. It should be moved to the outside wall though so it can be properly vented.

  • Put back the bathroom: Once upon a time there were two bathrooms (could come in handy).

  • Painting the outside building - Our Chair Paul has put lots of effort into getting donations for the painting project. Thank you, Thank you! We will resume the painting in the spring

That's enough for the moment, thanks for taking the time to read this.
If you can help let us know...

Respect Your Elders


In keeping with this wise saying, we ask that you assist us in fixing up the ol' space. Built in 1897 our building could use some updates. Of course our first mission is to preserve. You can help by lending a hand and sharing resources. If you only donate to one good cause a month, please consider our community grange next time.

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