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Today while the family farm is not part of a Fairfield Resident's life, there are still a number of us who aspire to the basic values and ideals the Grange stands for; we love our hometown and our deep roots, we enjoy the company of our neighbors, we seek to create a healthy environment for our family and friends and we want to take this amazing building with all its rich history and use it as our modern day farmers club. We want to understand and promote the importance of local agriculture, hold events and create a wonderful place to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Join Us! 
Our Greenfield Hill Grange has been in constant use since 1897. Fairfield resident’s, at that time of its construction, knew the importance of local and sustainable practices first hand. Fairfield had a few hundred years under its belt and husbandry was still everyone’s business. 

​Farmers Club

Established 1897

The Grange founded in 1867 is the oldest agricultural club in the United States. The Grange brought together farmers and families; who helped and inspired each other. They shared new growing techniques and came together for community service, pitching in for those less fortunate. Together Grange members have achieved political change in local, state and national government writing and advocating legislation. They held events in their local halls; Agricultural fairs, dances, potluck dinners and movies, theatrical plays and sing-a-longs and more.

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